Another year is coming to an end and I want to take a moment to reflect back on it.

If someone had told me in the beginning of 2016 that we would be moving to the country this year, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are, now living in Westminster, MD… in the middle of a cow patch without high speed internet and I am LOVING country living (okay, minus the high speed internet issue).


Several of you already came to see me at the new studio and I can’t wait to show it to the rest of you in 2017!  The pastures out front are such a great place for outdoor photos and the studio is much more spacious than before. Come and see for yourself  :)


Aside from the big move, we also went on a big trip. My husband, myself and the kids went to Germany, stayed 10 days and then left the boys with my mom while we went on to Spain for a week. First a few days in Valencia and then Madrid. We got to eat all the good food that our kids would never touch. It was pure bliss, surely a trip to remember!  :)





2016 also brought some AMAZING people into my life that I am so so grateful for now. As I am getting older and looking back at the people I have lost over the years and then the new people that have come into my life, I am seeing clearly now how every loss really was a gain in the end. It helped me gear my life into the direction I was supposed to go and I am very thankful for that.



I also made some pretty tough decisions this year. I first stepped back as a Volunteer with NILMDTS. This organization is still very dear to my heart and I treasure my memories with them, no matter how difficult it has been, but I just could commit to the time that it takes to travel to the hospitals now, the cost of travel and parking, the time for editing the photos, all without being able to plan for it. Every single Volunteer for this organization is a huge asset and help, but sadly most burn out after a year or two. I tried not to, but I did. If you are a pro or hobby photographer, please consider Volunteering, even if it’s just for a while! Read more about it at 

A few months later I had to make the difficult decision to also resign as a Volunteer from the animal shelter. I literally cried when I sent the email to the shelter. I did not want to quit and I still wish I could continue, but once again the distance now makes it hard and the photos were time sensitive. I had to have them back to the shelter by Wednesdays because that is when the site gets updated. Before it was easy to just hop in on Monday’s or Tuesdays to take the pics but now I had to coordinate it with other trips to Columbia which often weren’t until Wednesdays or Thursdays. 90% of the time the pics ended up not being used because I couldn’t get them in on time. This decision really broke my heart but I know it was one that I had to make.  I have met wonderful people through the shelter and those will stay in my life, no matter what.

This year we lost a couple of our guinea pigs and adopted a few more. First we adopted Olaf, a white male piggie, that sadly must have already had some sort of illness that he ultimately passed away from. Then we adopted summer, a very chubby piggie that showed our normally dominant resident pig that there is a new queen in town.  Then, just a couple of weeks ago, we adopted Abbath. I wanted to name her Winter but according to my husband she looks like some Heavy Metal singer named Abbath. So Abbath it is.

We also adopted a barn cat named Abby. She is a real Sweetheart. The Carroll County Humane Society has a program for barn cats. Those are cats that are not socialized and can’t be adopted as house pets. Instead of having to euthanize them, they adopt them as “working cats”, also called barn cats. Naturally we expected a cat that we can’t even touch but turns out that Abby is a huge lover that loves her food. I am not sure if she will ever catch a single mouse but she sure is cute!

Now the year is coming to an end and I am spending this last few days of the year (and first few of the new year) back in Germany with my family and friends. That’s right, I got to go home TWICE this year!!!

As I was going through all my photo files of this year to look back at the fun and craziness I felt deeply blessed. I still get to do what I love and I still have so many clients that have been with me for years. I look back at the photos and get to see those kids grow, right before my eyes. I love them like family!

But none of this would be possible without my husband, best friend… my rock, David! Thank you honey for always having my back and putting up with my Shenanigans. I love you.




If you have made it this far in my Blog post – THANK YOU, you rock!!!  Now I am finally moving on to the fun part.

               During each photo shoot there are always so many emotions and some of those I want to show you in my “Behind the Scenes” photos …. enjoy!




There are always those threenagers ….






until you promise candy ..












And there is so much more going on behind the scenes …

Such as parent’s taping props onto their children with duct tape (hey, it works!)



Too bad though when the kid is done being a Cherub Angel when she looks sooooo cute as one!


Or when there is always one (or 3) that isn’t in the mood ….


…when noses need to be picked, no matter what you are doing at the moment …


… when a bulldog comes into my studio ….


When I try to take pics of my own kids …


…. when duty calls …


… and of course when I have extra fun families ..


… when the serious little girls suddenly get the giggles and I turn around to this (awesome dad alert!)…


…. when siblings love each other …





… or when they want to kill each other and the parents make the best of it …


When I get to see the awe in a child’s face over nature’s miracles…


….and not to forget when I have taken photos of a baby since birth and before I know it he comes and shows me his first missing tooth!


… when you might think that it hurts as much as it looks …


…and last but not least … when no caption is needed!


No year is perfect but I hope you all had a mostly good year. And if not then good riddance 2016, moving on.  

Have a great start to the year 2017 and don’t forget to call me for your next photo session.

Those kids don’t wait with their growing … there is no time like the present to preserve those memories! 

I love you all and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds!


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Only a few more days until my 2nd annual Holiday Bazaar. If you are still looking for something to do (either by yourself or with the family), you should come out!

There will be 36 local vendors and craftors, Facepainting, Photos with Santa, Food and Music. There is NO DOOR FEE! Come and get your Christmas shopping done, supporting local businesses in the process.

Cartoon Reindeer and Santa pointing at a snow covered sign in a winter landscape

Cartoon Reindeer and Santa pointing at a snow covered sign in a winter landscape

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I am super excited to announce this contest.  You can win a 500 GB XBox One S Minecraft Edition for one family in need and here is how:

Email me or send me a Facebook message with a story about a family in need. Tell me about this family, their life and why you think that this family should get the free xbox.  All entries must be submitted by 12/15/16 at 6pm. 





My family and I will read all of the stories and pick a winner. If we can’t agree on a winner then we will do a drawing with our top choices. This one is going to be hard for us because I know myself and I will want to give an xbox to everyone (I would if I could!!!)

Email me your entries to  or message me on Facebook. Once a winning family is selected, I will either drop off or mail the xbox to them directly.

It’s holiday season, let’s spread the love to those in need! 


  • Jennifer Weisheit - November 25, 2016 - 8:42 pm

    I am entering this contest because I feel like my kids deserve to have a nice Christmas for once. I am a single mom of two girls ages 7 and 13 I work two jobs. At a daycare because I love children and a local turkey hill gas station because it’s in walking distance of our apartment. I work two jobs just to stay current on bills and sometimes that feels impossible. my girls are happy with sitting in the house most of the time and watching movies or cartoons or playing with Barbies I feel bad that I don’t get to take them anywhere extra during the week or weekends because of money being tight. A Xbox would bring them so much so even though I don’t know much about it they’ve been asking for a game system for years. Please consider giving them a smile this Christmas. Happy holidays and God bless.ReplyCancel

    • - November 27, 2016 - 12:47 pm

      Thank you for your entry JenniferReplyCancel

  • Nathan kelley - December 3, 2016 - 6:15 am

    My little sister is 10 years old and my mother and I can not afford to do much for her this year due to financial issues and her father passed away last year from cancer and I would like to do something to make her excited for the holidays.thank you for listeningReplyCancel

    • - December 8, 2016 - 10:23 pm

      Thanks for your entry NathanReplyCancel

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I realize that I have been seriously slacking in blogging my sessions. Living in the middle of a cow pasture is amazing but the one drawback is that we don’t have high speed internet. So here I sit, at Starbucks, finally loading a couple of Blogs.

Of course I can’t keep this cuteness from you all. Rory was 9 days young when we did his Newborn photos and he slept like a champ! Just look at his cute chubby cheeks. I wanted to just snuggle with him!!


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If you follow me on Facebook then you probably already know that we moved to Westminster and that I am absolutely in LOVE with the area we live in now. Right outside my home are gorgeous pastures that make for amazing photo opportunities.

I wish the leaves had lasted a little longer this year, the fall colors were simply breath taking!!   This family was still able to catch some of these beautiful colors. I worked with them last year and was so excited when they asked for another session recently. We all had lots of fun running around in the pastures, trying to avoid cow piles, haha!


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